Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Thoughts on Lindsay Lohan

If you are like me, you probably get tired of being constantly bombarded by images from Hollywood. It's hard to even check my e-mail with out seeing half a dozen pictures of some one's latest plastic surgery, reading a headline about a once beloved child actor who is back in rehab for the third time or learning about how much money a certain actor owes the IRS. Television, the radio and even the billboards I pass on the way to work are also filled with the same information.

Because we are surrounded by so many "spicy" details and gossip on a daily basis, for many people nothing is really shocking anymore. I have noticed for me personally that it is easy to become not only indifferent, but also somewhat critical of the lives of some of these Hollywood stars. Like many, I have been aware of some of the unfortunate events in the life of Lindsay Lohan.

In case you are not familiar, Lindsay Lohan has been the stereotypical "child star." She was an adorable actress as a kid, but as she grew, her life began to spiral out of control. She has struggled with substance abuse, an eating disorder and multiple family issues. Most recently she has been sentenced to spend some time in jail because she has repeatedly violated her parole and missed court dates stemming from her substance abuse struggles. Just before she was sentenced to jail, I found myself being very critical of her. Secretly I have been happy that she has been in trouble. After all, "this is what she gets, right? She has had more opportunities than many kids will ever get, and she threw it all away. She has made more money than most of us will ever have and she has wasted it on drugs and partying."

I hate to say it, but those thoughts really were going through my mind. When I heard recently that Lindsay had been sentenced to jail, I felt the Lord's compassion for her, and I began to realize how different His heart toward her is from mine. While it is true that she has made some big mistakes and may not seem to appreciate the opportunities she has had, she is still very precious to the Lord. She may feel that she is above the law and openly shown disregard for her parole, but I believe the Lord's heart is truly broken for Lindsay, just as His heart breaks for all the young ladies who find themselves in similar situations.

Whether a person is a world famous Hollywood actor or a little known girl from a rough inner city neighborhood, they have been created by the Lord and they are very close to His heart. He destined them to great things before they were ever born, even though many may never properly esteem His purpose for them. Any time a life is wasted, it is a tragedy. Because the Lord deeply cares for all of us, the enemy desires to destroy us. He may not take our lives physically, but he will do all he can to trip us up and enslave us in self-destructive patterns. Right now Lindsay is caught in these types of patterns. When we read the headlines and see a life that is being destroyed, our first response should be to pray for them. Lindsay may be at a place where jail is the best thing for her, but we should pray that she finds the Lord in a greater way through it all. She has made some choices that she will undoubtedly regret, and her life is a mess. This is tragic, but her story doesn't have to end here, and it doesn't have to continue on the same path. The Lord can still redeem her life, and I believe He wants to do so. We should want the same thing and participate with Him by praying that He will.

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