Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why We Are Where We Are

Our lives are filled with different seasons, and over the course of our lives we will find ourselves in many different places. This keeps life interesting, but it can also be very frustrating, particularly when find ourselves in a season that we don't really enjoy. Whether or not we are in such a season now, surely we have been at some point in the past, and we will be again before it's all been said and done.

When we are in a season that is not going the way we would like, we are often tempted to jump ship and and find greener pastures for ourselves. There are times when that might be the best thing to do, but in many cases the Lord has a purpose for us in the tough season. If we choose to end the season too soon, we will short change ourselves of experiencing all that He has in store for us.

Sadly, if we decide to abandon our present season prematurely, we are only setting ourselves up to have to experience the same thing again. It may be in a different place with different players in the game, but essentially, we will encounter the same difficulties that we had previously tried to escape. Most of us understand this principle, but why is it so important that we go through this season, anyway? Why does the Lord keep giving us the opportunity to pass through it?

My personal pattern seems to be to become ungrateful and complain when things stop going my way. Maybe this just happens to me, but I do find myself in that place ever so often. I was in such a place recently and I began to complain (I mean pray) about it, and the Lord just whispered that this whole thing is about more than just me. Imagine that! It was as if I realized for the first time that there is more going on than just me in the seasons in which I find myself.

Now that we're back to earth, what else is going on here? What is the Lord trying to accomplish? The most obvious answer might be that the Lord has things He wants to teach us through these tough seasons. That is certainly the case, but beyond that, He also wants us to bear fruit in these seasons. Every season where we find ourselves, especially the hard ones, is an opportunity for us to manifest His Kingdom. His objective for us is more than that we learn a lesson - He wants us to take ground. When the Lord led His people out of Egypt, they had a difficult journey through the wilderness. However, the real battle began when they arrived at the Promised Land - that's where the giants were. These giants don't give up their ground easily - we have to fight for it.

Where are we right now? Who are the people the Lord has brought into our lives? Where do we work, or go to school? Who are our neighbors? Who are our enemies? If where we are currently isn't easy, that's most likely a good thing. We need to fight and take the ground that is around us. Too often we miss valuable opportunities by taking the path of least resistance. We need to break these patterns and start taking the ground where we are for the Kingdom!

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